PFF Rankings- Defensive Tackle Prospects

We all know Brown is the Big Dog here & unless there is a trade up he won't last long in the draft. Kinlaw is the hopes of many & in many mocks he is in the neighborhood. The combine will help some guys rise & there is always that one guy who skyrockets after prancing around in his underwear. The position is weak at the top, but has several Day 2 guys who will help any team that picks them.

I will keep their bio's out of this because I'm trying to keep this short & sweet. I did include a number for ware they are on the PFF 150 Big Board which you will see after their name. These guys will all get drafted by the 5th round & should be able to play at the next level. You will also notice that some guys are real close in their rankings meaning it's a toss up & you can use your couch scout abilities to separate them.

1 Derek Brown- #3

2 Javon Kinlaw- #9

3 Neville Gallimore- #39

4 Ross Blacklock- #42

5 Marlon Davidson- #47

6 Justin Madubuike- #48

7 Raekwon Davis- #55

8 Jordan Elliott- #72

9 Leki Fotu- #75

10 Jason Strowbridge- #95

There you have it & after listing all 10, you can see they all are under the top 100 making them 3rd rounders, but we know some will slide & will be 4th round or later steals. Hope this use useful to somebody as you concoct your own mock drafts to show us in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by, I'll be here all week & don't forget to tip your waitress on the way out.

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