PFF Rankings- Cornerback Prospects

They say you can never have enough CB's & boy isn't that the truth. Teams are always on the lookout for CB's. It has become even a bigger challenge since the Slot CB is an actual position & needs to be filled or it will be a long afternoon as offenses will make you pay.

This draft might be one of the worst for 1st round talent, yet the second tier has a full boat of prospects to fill the needs of most teams. Everybody searches for the next Deion, but shut down corners are hard to find & why the CB is a Money 5 position. The requirements for them are next to impossible to find so we have to make compromises with choosing prospects. This draft has many prospects that less than perfect, yet will see action & day one & be productive.

The second tier will start a run as the few with better potential will go fast & furious in the second round. It will be snooze you lose if you pass on one in the second round. That second tier has guys who can run which is now a much needed skill since WR's have upped their game & have found that extra gear providing turbo boost.

Let's look at the top 10 at the position. I will include their ranking from the Top 150 Big Board after their name. I will not include an bio's on the player's to keep it tight & right. The crown jewel of this draft is Jeffrey Okudah from Ohio State who is going to go top 5 to some lucky team.

1 Jeffrey Okudah- #2

2 CJ Henderson- #27

3 Jeff Gladney- #29

4 Kristian Fulton- #31

5 Trevon Diggs- #35

6 Cameron Dantzler- #44

7 AJ Terrell- #52

8 Jaylon Johnson- #54

9 Bryce Hall- #60

10 Noah Igbinoghene- #62

As you can see they are all tightly grouped for your second round selection. If you need one, you better make plans for the second round as the third round will consist of scraps & saps. This draft will be fun for the team that misses out as FA is no help either. So mock accordingly, cross your fingers that your team knows what it is doing. enjoy

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