PFF Rankings- Wide Receiver Prospects

Here it is the pride of the 2020 draft, the loaded class of WR's. This class could go down in history as the best ever if these guys reach their potential. This class can kill the curse of selecting a WR in the first again & make it sexy to draft WR's again. This group comes in all sizes, but there are a few that have enough speed to qualify as an Olympic team.

This draft has WR's that will turn into steals because they got pushed down. Teams will find many hidden gems in the late rounds for that reason. The first round could easily see 5 get drafted & they are truly some athletic freaks. The rest of the class has many guys who might not be total packages & just need polishing who will reward their teams with taking them. This class is just not a Day 1 class or Day 2, there is talent even in Day 3.

You know my format, I'm just going to do their rankings at their position & then ware they are on the Big Board. I hope to come back & do a FP on individual guys that would have all the stats & bio info. This is just a quick ranking of the group. We still have the combine to go through ware guys are already flapping their lips about how fast they are going to run the 40, so these rankings could change quickly.

In this group, moore than any other there will be names missing. Go ahead & add your guy that missed. I could stretch it to 20 & still miss guys. If your team needs a WR this is the year to get one & you better have good CB's because speed is back & it will be a fun year next season

1 Jerry Jeudy- #8

2 CD Lamb- #10

3 Henry Ruggs III- #12

4 Jalen Reagor- #20

5 Laviska Chenault JR- #23

6 Justin Jefferson- #25

7 Brandon Aiyuk- #33

8 T Higgins- #36

9 KJ Hammler- #68

10 Denzel Mims- #77

11 Bryan Edwards- #79

12 Michael Pittman JR- #84

13 Tyler Johnson- #92

14 Van Jefferson- #96

15 Collin Johnson- #98

16 Donovan Peoples-Jones- #100

17 Isiah Hodgins- #118

18 Chase Claypool- #123

19 Quartney Davis- #131

20 Gabriel Davis- #134

That is some list & yet still is missing names. That's almost one per team, this is unprecedented & could be historic. Well the combine is just around the corner & we will see a few names appear on that list. Did you notice how some are closely grouped? This group is brimming with potential stars with guys who come in all sizes & game breaking speed. This is not the year to be short of picks, because some teams will get greedy & grab two just because they can & it will be BPA smart.

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