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NFL Week 15 National TV Maps: Which games will you get on Sunday?

Few across the country will be enjoying Ravens vs. Jaguars map of the National Broadcast of NFL Week 15

If all goes well, the Baltimore Ravens (8-5) will be playing their regularly scheduled contest against the Jacksonville Jaguards (1-12) on Sunday, December 20. In that event, it’s time to pity a glance at the national tv maps and find how little Ravens coverage will occur on Sunday.

CBS Early

It appears more than half the country will be forced into viewing the 49ers — Cowboys matchup. Under normal circumstances, it makes sense. Two historic franchises with a long-time rivalry and one of them is a part of the NFC East. However, these teams combine for only nine wins.

I figured after the Ravens won the game of the year on Monday, they’d maybe earn a bit more coverage. Especially considering they’re in the thick of the playoff hunt, with two former Jaguars on the roster to boot.

However, I understand their opponent is trying their best to secure the second overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft and it may not be as enjoyable.

FOX Single