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Go Vote

Tuesday football can wait. Be a proud American voter

Voters Go The Polls On Election Day In Baltimore Photo by J. Countess/Getty Images

Hello, all. Kyle Barber here.

Today is the last day to cast your ballot in the United States election. There are many things on the ballot, from the Presidential election to Senate elections all the way to local level issues and ballot propositions.

I strongly urge you to go vote. I urge you to use a search engine and find what is on your ballot. Find out who you do and do not like. Search what ballot propositions you agree or disagree with. Make your voice heard. There is a reason these continuous advertisements and commercials are plastered across your screen. It’s a big deal.

So, if you’re of age, go stand in line and be a voter. Go find your polling location and be a voter. There’s no time like the present to click off Baltimore Beatdown and find out what is on your ballot so you can step in there and make your choices heard.

Ballotpedia is a non-partisan website which is a tool to see what is on your ballot. Enter your address and it shows what is to be discussed in your city, county, state and country.

Polling Place Locator by can show you where your nearest polling locations are.

Voter Registration Deadlines by can show you if you’re able to vote if you have not already registered.