Ask a Steeler Fan! Match 1

Greetings BB!

Continuing on the tradition of Steeler Fever, I am coming over to your blog this week to have an open discussion about our two teams for this epic matchup! I'll list 5 questions that you can answer if you want to stimulate conversation, but feel free to ask about / discuss whatever.

1: BtSC tradition, I'm curious what you guys will be drinking and snacking on during the game next week. Any favorite game day recipes or drinks?

2: How has the Raven's draft class looked so far? I know there was a lot of lamenting on draft week over at BtSC that the Steelers passed on JK Dobbins for Claypool.

3: The Raven's just traded for Ngakoue, what is the fanbase's reaction to that deal? I imagine it must be positive having a Maryland alum coming back to Baltimore.

4: What player names should Steeler fans keep an ear out for that we may not know of?

5: There was a large debate a week ago on twitter: are the Steelers still considered the Raven's biggest rival? or have you guys found someone to hate even more?

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