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Behind the scenes of the Baltimore Beatdown Slack chat: Discussing OLB Matt Judon’s pending free agency

Some behind-the-scenes talk from the Baltimore Beatdown staff

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Earlier today, the Baltimore Beatdown Slack chat was set ablaze when discussing free agency. It all started with myself, Kyle Barber, messaging Deputy Editor Vasilis Lericos on who the Ravens will, may and won’t cut. It quickly turned into a Matt Judon discussion due to his pending free agency.

Both myself and Vasilis have mentioned posting some of our #teamchat conversations from Slack into a roundtable-style article for the readers to enjoy and also be a part of in the comment section. So, for the first time, we’re doing so.

Kyle: “Jimmy [Smith], Marlon [Humphrey], [Marcus] Peters, [Tavon] Young, [Anthony] Averett, [Chuck] Clark, [Earl Thomas] ETIII, [Deshon] Elliot. I’m confident in that secondary. Get some edge rushers and some weapons for [Lamar] Jackson and you got a playoff pie.”

Adrian Charchalis: “That’s the reason to pay Judon what he deserves and free up the cap to do so. Too bad this years FA WR class is the worst in years. Would much rather draft Justin Jefferson or something than pick up a vet. Pretty much banking on Hollywood being DJax in his prime. Which he will be and then some.”

Kyle: “DJax was something special, man. He had the savvy in his routes.”

Vasilis then posts his tweet from Jan 17.

Spencer Schultz: “Yeah, that’s a good plan. This ILB class in the draft is awful so far. So [Josh] Bynes needs to stay. The Judon sack numbers stuff is so annoying. He gets QB hits and pressures. Has consistently improved year-by-year, game-by-game for the most part. He dropped into coverage more than any other edge player in 2019. Significantly. And was 3rd in QB hits and had over 60 pressures. I don’t get why people think he’s a [explative] option lol.

Vasilis: “Exactly.”

Spencer: “I just went on [Vasilis’ tweet replies] and someone said, ‘3 of 7 sacks came in one game.’ Ok... he took over a game lol. Sacks aren’t the end-all, be-all. Pressures and QB hits are more consistent than sacks.”

Kyle: “I used to be of the same opinion but Vas showed me how most talents get sacks in bunches.”

Spencer: “Right. Sacks are just the glorified stat.”

Kyle: “It’s consistency in pressures & hits that is important.”

Spencer: “Yeah.”

Kyle: “TFL’s are the most underrated stat.” *Spencer & Vasilis reply with thumbs up on the comment

Spencer: “And considering how much he dropped in coverage... how much Wink asked of him. Judon is versatile, smart and worth the bag.”

Vasilis: “And forced fumbles. If you want pass rush you gotta pay for it. No two ways about it.”

Kyle: “Yupp. It’s the second- or third-most important position.”

Vasilis: “Yup. And probably harder to find than QB or CB to be honest. In the draft. Not finding the next Judon at 28.”

Spencer: “I don’t see many others coming in and playing better than [Tyus] Bowser or [Jaylon] Ferguson.”

Vasilis: “No chance.”

Adrian: “Exactly, exactly.”

Kyle: “Facts.”