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The 20 best plays from Lamar Jackson’s historic MVP season: Part 2

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing from part one of the 20 best plays from Lamar Jackson’s historic MVP season, we now move into the top 10. These plays are the best of the best from Jackson’s incredible sophomore season.

10. A jaw-dropping fourth-down conversion to WR Seth Roberts.

9. Jackson’s nasty stiff arm to OLB T.J. Watt. Sit down son.

8. Huge run on 3rd-&-10 after a bobbled snap against the Seahawks.

7. 83-yard touchdown to WR Marquise “Hollywood” Brown. “Not bad for a running back.”

6. Touchdown pass to TE Mark Andrews against the Browns. These two just make it look easy.

5. 4th-&-2 touchdown run against Seattle. One of the biggest turning points in the season. “Hell yeah coach let’s go for it!”

4. “Lamarkable” run against the Texans. So close to a house call.

3. Touchdown run against the Chiefs. Jackson makes two defenders look silly on his way to the end zone. How does he do this kind of thing to other professional athletes?

2. Perfect throw to Brown to clutch the game against the Cardinals on 3rd-&-11. This was Jackson’s best throw of the season. With the game on the line in Week 2, Jackson won the game with his arm, something people still don’t believe he is capable of.

1. Ankle-breaking touchdown run against the Bengals. This was just ridiculous. Some say Nick Vigil is still on the ground clutching his ankles. Others say he has retired to an island somewhere to live in shame. We will be seeing this run for a very long time.