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Podcast: Daniel Oyefusi

It’s a freaky Friday on the Baltimore Beatdown podcast as Jake has the pleasure of being joined by a very special guest, Daniel Oyefusi of the Baltimore Sun (@DanielOyefusi). Daniel is the Sun’s breaking news reporter and covers the Ravens beat, having just gotten on the job prior to the start of the regular season. He joins the show to talk about all manner of things, including his start in covering the team, what it’s like doing so in the social media era, his favorite players to cover, and much, much more. If you enjoyed the show, please give Daniel a follow on Twitter as he’s one of the up and comers in the industry, and a unique voice amongst the group of reporters who call the Castle one of their main places of work. Thanks for listening, and have an awesome weekend everyone! Follow the show on social: Twitter: @PodcastBeatdown, @Jakelouque, @ravens4dummies IG: @baltimore_beatdown Facebook: Baltimore Beatdown - For Baltimore Ravens fans