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The 20 best plays from Lamar Jackson’s historic MVP season: Part 1

The best plays from Jackson’s jaw-dropping year.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

With the 2019-20 season now over for the Baltimore Ravens, this means we have seen the last of QB Lamar Jackson on the field until the preseason of the 2020 season. Let’s take a look back at some of the best and most exciting plays made by Jackson in his sophomore year.

These are what I have deemed to be the top 20 plays of Jackson’s MVP season.

20. Touchdown pass to WR Willie Snead IV against the Miami Dolphins.

19. 61-yard touchdown pass to TE Hayden Hurst while absorbing a big hit against the Buffalo Bills.

18. Creative touchdown pass to TE Nick Boyle against the Bills.

17. Touchdown pass to WR Marquise “Hollywood” Brown in the face of pressure against the Cincinnati Bengals. Jackson delivers the touchdown despite taking a nasty hit.

16. Touchdown pass to Brown between defenders against the Los Angeles Rams.

15. Touchdown pass to WR Myles Boykin against the New York Jets. Showing off the different arm angles.

14. Miraculous completion to Snead against the Kansas City Chiefs on 3rd-&-17. Don’t even ask me how this worked.

13. 50-yard bomb to Boykin early against the Seattle Seahawks. This play helped to establish the tone early against a tough team in a hostile road environment.

12. Elusive run against the New England Patriots. How does he do this? Bonus points for pushing C Matt Skura into a defender.

11. Backpedaling touchdown pass to Boykin against the Dolphins. Incredible placement and judgement by Jackson to put the ball where only Boykin could work back to it.

The ten remaining plays will be revealed in part two, so make sure to come back and check it out!