2020 offseason plan

Now that we've been kicked from the playoffs it is time to look towards the offseason. We got a lot of stuff happening this year but we also return a lot of our young, prime talent. So, I would start like this.

Cut Tony Jefferson- he doesn't do what we need him to.

Resign Jihad Ward- give him a small contract maybe 5m/year- he can play DT on pass downs and edge rusher

Re-sign Gus Bus. He did what we needed him to. Maybe 3-5m/year or so.

Give Mike Pierce a smaller contract- maybe 6m/year. Either he takes it or not. We don't NEED two nose tackles only.

I'd try to re-sign Judon for maybe 10-12m/year. If he won't take that then by by Matthew.

I'd try to re-sign Jimmy for below market value because when he's out there he's the shit, but he's not out there a lot because injuries. If he won't take it then we'll miss him but go.

I'd let Brandon Carr go.

I'd see the neck prognosis of Tavon Young before I determine if we need to upgrade CB. I wouldn't cut him because 8m cap hit.

Maybe keep Willie Snead on a contract much like his current one.

I'm iffy on Peanut Onwuasor- maybe he can improve but last year he was kind of average.

Chris Moore and Seth Roberts can go away in FA. SO can all our other FAs. I'd MAYBE re-sign Matt Skura to a weaker contract secondary to his medical prognosis but I am weak on that.

So then we'd have a roster probably like this
QB- Lamar, Bob3, McSorely [GOOD]

RB- Ingram, Gus, Justice, Ricard [GOOD]

WR- Boykin,Hollywood, Snead

TE- Mandrews, Boyle, Hurst [GOOD]

OT- Stanley, Brown, J. Hurst (I'd keep him for depth, he's good for that) [GOOD]

OG- Bozeman, maybe Yanda, Powers, Mekari. Boze is ok, the last two need to develop and I think they can be good depth [WEAK]

Center- Skura- maybe [BAD]

DE/edge- Ward, maybe Judon and McPhee, Bowser, Sack Daddy. Anywhere from 3-5 people.

DT- BWill, maybe Pierce, Mack, sometimes Ricard, sometimes Ward on pass downs also. [MAYBE]

ILB- LJ Fort, Chris Board. no.

CB- Marcus, Marlon. maybe a functional Tavon, Iman Marshall, Averett

S- ET3, Chuck, Elliott

Specialists- the wolfpack.

So what I would do then is see if Yanda and Young hang it up. Yanda is old in football years although I think he can still play well. We are weak at WR, interior OL, DT, ILB, and iffy at edge and CB.

I'd try to extend Stanley. He's great and he deserves it and we need to protect Lamar's blindside for the next foreseeable future.

Then I'd try to get some good interior OL. I think we need a center and two guards at minimum. Even if Yanda stays he's gone soon so we need to prepare for life after that. Our center situation is dogshit. I don't see any good centers in FA except for Brett Jones of the Vikes so we might get him or draft one. There are a bunch of guards in FA including some high profile ones like Brandon Scherff and some intriguing younger ones like Ereck Flowers or Andrus Peat

Then I'd want to get another WR or 2 or 3. Maybe one in the draft and one in the FA. Lamar needs more than Hollywood and some TEs.

Also, we'd need some edge help if we do not resign Judon. Also I would not mind some secondary help.

At the ILB position in FA it doesn't seem like there is much but I trust the Ravens coaching whoever they get, by draft or FA.

Then we'd have to draft people. We got 9 picks in the top 150 so depending on how the prospects fall, I hope we end up with 2 interior OL, a WR, an ILB, maybe a CB and another WR.

This is just early and there hasn't been any combine or anything but this is what I would start with

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