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Podcast: Remembering the Titans ft. Barstool RDT


The boys are here for divisional week, and have a slapper of an episode locked and loaded for you fine people to dig into! They’re obviously here for one reason - to preview the Titans @ Ravens game, and they have a few different ways of approaching it for you all.

The first it to bring in the Tennessee fan perspective, and for that, friend of the show Barstool RDT (@editti22) stops by for a lengthy interview. RDT is the Barstool Sports Orioles blogger who grew up a diehard Titans fan, and gives a perspective on what that’s been like, and what his outlook for Sunday is. The boys also have a preview of their own to give, with an additional segment dedicated to the game itself so be sure to stay tuned for that to get yourself nice and learned up on what to expect this weekend. We’ll talk to you guys on Monday - enjoy the game, be safe, and above all, go Ravens.