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Baltimore Beatdown Podcast: So, that was fun

Lol, what just happened?

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Jake & Spencer are buzzin’ in the studio as they’re here to recap Baltimore’s historic week 1 victory over the Dolphins. After quickly opening up the mailbag they proceed to chat about all manner of things in regards to the win, such as spiking the football on the Lamar haters’ collective graves, the big time impact Eric DeCosta’s additions made on Sunday, and much more as usual. They also take a quick look around the league, looking at matchups such as the bizarre tie in Arizona, Cinci taking things down to the wire in Seattle, and the offseason champion Browns being served a nice helping of humble pie by the always electric Titans. It was a fun week one, so be sure to enjoy today’s episode and stay tuned for more of these moving forward. Follow the show on Twitter @PodcastBeatdown and it’s two esteemed hosts @Jakelouque and @ravens4dummies - see you guys Thursday for a week 2 Cardinals preview!