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Ravens set franchise record for most points in a half

The future is now

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

With Mark Ingram II’s second rushing touchdown, the Baltimore Ravens eclipsed the previous franchise record for most points in a half (38) and set a new record of 42 (with 1:42 left in the half).

First touchdown, courtesy of Ingram.

Second touchdown, being Marquise Brown’s first NFL catch.

Hollywood’s second catch goes for his second touchdown.

Jackson throws his third touchdown of the game, this time to Willie Snead IV.

The fourth passing touchdown for Jackson, to rookie WR Miles Boykin.

The sixth touchdown of the half was Ingram’s second rushing touchdown of the game. Unfortunately, I can’t find the highlight due to Baltimore scoring faster than highlights can be uploaded to the internet. When/if it’s uploaded later, I’ll make sure to embed the video for your viewing pleasure.

What an absolutely dominant half by the Ravens. Last time Baltimore faced Miami, they won 40-0. Now, they’re up 42-10 at the half.