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FanPulse: Ravens fans at an all-time high for confidence

The excitement for 2019 is among the highest

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

You’d think with all the negativity we’ve seen throughout social media that the Ravens would be terrible this season. That’s certainly not the mentality among Ravens fans as they rank third in confidence among all 32 fanbases according to SB Nation’s FanPulse.

Ravens nation is fourth-highest in the league, topped only by fans of the Eagles, Browns and Chiefs, in that order.

While some may argue this is far too high, it’s nice to see the positivity from the fanbase. Excitement is a good thing. Believing in your team is good. After all, we could be Texans fans with a league-worst 28%, as opposed to the 97% Ravens fans sit at.

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On another note, according to FanPulse, the Bengals are the team least-likely to go from worst to first in their division. Meanwhile, the Jaguars are over 50% of the vote. Can’t blame them. The Colts lost Andrew Luck, Jadeveon Clowney is in Seattle and the Titans are wishy-washy. With Nick Foles at quarterback, the defense won’t be forced to rescue Blake Bortles anymore.