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Baltimore Beatdown Podcast: Week 1 Preview

The boys welcome on Josh Houtz of Phinsider

Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Jake and Spencer are back in the studio to welcome on SB Nation brethren Josh Houtz of ‘Phinsider’. Josh covers the Dolphins as well as working with Pro Football Network.

Josh has strong convictions regarding the Dolphins future outlook as a franchise. Houtz also gave awesome insight into what Ravens fans should expect in week one, as the Dolphins have many new faces including first year head coach Brian Flores.

General topics included:

• The Laremy Tunsil trade and what it means for the Dolphins.

• The speed the Dolphins possess offensively and who Josh is expected to see.

• How the Dolphins can plan to slow Lamar Jackson (if they can at all).

Josh Rosen’s outlook moving forward.

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