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Ravens vs. Browns: Broadcast Map

I’m blue da ba de da ba dye

Last week, the national audience tuned into the Ravens and Chiefs MVP affair. This week, the map is of a different nature. Unfortunately, the world would rather watch Tom Brady and the New England Patriots square off against the undefeated Buffalo Bills. Yeah, that was as weird to read as it was to type. . .

NFL Week 4 Broadcast Map

CBS Early

  • Red: Patriots @ Bills — Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts
  • Blue: Browns @ Ravens — Greg Gumbel, Trent Green
  • Green: Raiders @ Colts — Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon
  • Yellow: Titans @ Falcons — Spero Dedes, Adam Archuleta
  • Orange: Chargers @ DolphinsTom McCarthy, Jay Feely

As for the broadcast crew, I’m a fan of Gumbel. He’s not a ‘hype-inducing’ caster but he knows the game and brings an affirmation to each play.

As for my opinion, maybe a little less national spotlight will do the team good. The hype of the Chiefs game only felt like added pressure on Baltimore. The Chiefs have the national swagger on them already while the media further hyped the ‘Goliath’ to the Ravens’ ‘David.’ Now, it feels like the Ravens can get back on track behind the curtains and battle it out against the closest division rival in terms of win/loss record.