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Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns: Revisiting recent matchups

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Week 4 is here and it’s time to talk about the recent matchups between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns.

Full matchup history

(All stats according to

  • Regular season: Baltimore leads 30-10
  • Post season: N/A
  • Harbaugh Era: 19-3 (two overtime losses)

Week 17 — 2018

This game needs no introduction. It needs no extra hype or excitment. The Ravens were a victory from winning the AFC North. They were a loss from missing the playoffs once again. A loss also meant the Pittsburgh Steelers would win the division, and, in turn, making the playoffs. It was the same story that had been told for a couple years in a row. Baltimore takes the lead and the defense must stop their AFC North foe in order to win the game. Unfortunately, they had not held on against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Christmas nor silenced the Cincinnati Bengals on New Year’s in back-to-back years. But against Baker Mayfield and the Browns, the drive was haulted by Anthony Levine, Jimmy Smith and C.J. Mosley.

Week 5 — 2018

The Week 17 showdown never occurs if this game doesn’t amount to an absolute slop-fest. The offense never finds the endzone while the defense racks up five sacks and an interception on Mayfield. The Ravens made their way to the redzone twice but neither time did they score. In the second quarter, Joe Flacco throws an ugly duck to Nick Boyle, which is intercepted by Denzel Ward. In the fourth quarter, Michael Crabtree drops the would-be game-winning touchdown. Then, the Browns miss the game-winning 55-yard field goal.

The Browns eventually would win on the ugliest field goal in history, but they did win.