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Ravens vs. Chiefs final: MVP, stock-up & stock-down

A hard-fought game ends in a loss

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens will once again exit Kansas City with a regular season loss as Chiefs head coach Andy Reid leads his team to victory once more. Now, the Ravens stand 2-1, just as we all expected with the schedule.


RB Mark Ingram — The first free agent pick up for the Ravens in the DeCosta era has producing great runs game after game. Through three games, Ingram has racked up over 250 yards on the ground and five rushing touchdowns. It’s unfortunate he didn’t receive many more goal-line carries during the two-point situations.

Stock up

Bradley Bozeman — He produced solid blocking for the Ingram carries on the left side. I’ve been impressed with the sophomore lineman.

Nick Boyle — He’s not just a blocking tight end. He’s a consistent threat that defenses can’t disregard due to his receiving skills. Boyle ended the game with the most receiving yards among Ravens players (58).

Matt Judon — The dominant pressure he provided all game out-weighed the horse-collar tackle which cost them four points,

Tim Williams — This was the most I’ve seen Tim in the backfield. I like what I’m seeing from him right now.

Kenny Young — He’s a solid linebacker and he’s earning the snaps right now.

Gus Edwards — Happy to see the Bus rolling through and gashing defenses for first downs.

Stock down

Lamar Jackson — His first two matchups were on the easier side. He dominated. Against a formidable challenge, he regressed. This is all normal. That being said, the overthrows from his rookie season returned. I’ve preached it all year long, it’s about Jackson becoming more consistent in his throws. We’ve seen him hit his targets. Now, it’s about doing it throw-after-throw, day-after-day, week-after-week. He still does not have an interception. He has not fumbled the ball away. He’s still playing great and he’ll grow from this.

Matt Skura — His blocking isn’t cutting it and the erratic snaps are an issue which needed solving last season.

Earl Thomas III — Dude is an all-time great and hall of fame safety. Problem is, when you call your shot, saying you’re here to eliminate the big plays, you can’t have Mecole Hardman streak down the seam for an 80-yard touchdown. I believe that’s fair to say.

Tony Jefferson — Jefferson took responsibility for the big touchdown but I’m not sure it was on him. He said communication needs to improve, which is true. But his biggest issue of the day was a pass interference call which wiped out Brandon Carr’s interception, which would have been the first thrown by Patrick Mahomes this season.

Willie Snead IV — The heroic catch at the end does not tip the scale for me. Two critical drops earlier hurt the team. Drops are a part of the game but this is against the Chiefs at Arrowhead, where you can’t afford to make them.