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FanPulse: Ravens fans remain confident; Steelers fans in despair

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After a 49-point blowout over the Miami Dolphins, you’d expect Baltimore Ravens fans to be over the moon. Somehow, that’s not the case as fans stayed steady at 97% confident, rather than 100%.

I’m wondering why those few voters aren’t confident in the direction of the team. . .

Rather than bother over the three-percent, I’d like to turn your attention to the reactionary Pittsburgh Steelers FanPulse.

After the butt-whooping, courtesy of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, the Steel City fanbase plummeted 63 percentage points, from 84% to 21%. Apparently they’ve forgotten how they can’t conquer their New England rival, with or without Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. For reference, this was the second-largest drop in FanPulse rankings, only behind the Atlanta Falcons FanPulse (-66%).

Ninth on the largest percentage drops is none other than the Cleveland Browns FanPulse (-31%). They fell from 99% to 68%.

As if this isn’t satisfying enough to read, SB Nation posed a question to all 32 FanPulses, asking, “Who was the most disappointing team in Week 1?”

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?