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Ravens vs. Cardinals broadcast map

Are you getting the game? has officially released the broadcast maps for Week 2.


Orange: Arizona @ Baltimore
Red: Dallas @ Washington
Blue: Seattle @ Pittsburgh
Green: San Francisco @ Cincinnati
Yellow: Minnesota @ Green Bay

FOX Broadcasters for the Ravens vs. Cardinals game: Brandin Gaudin, Cris Carter

Quite a small chunk of the map for these two teams, which is unfortunately unsurprising. Both are ‘smaller markets’ and the Cowboys are playing the Redskins, which is the big ticket item. That means, unless you’re living in Arizona, Maryland, Louisville or the bottom-half of Delaware, you’ll need a streaming package/service to catch fowl on fowl violence.

At least we can take solace in the team not experiencing a ‘blackout enforced by home team on CBS’ like most of Tennessee is experiencing. It won’t happen due to the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders game being the afternoon matchup but they’re still not blacked out.