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Paging Ryan Pace

NFL: Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

You hear that sound? It’s Eric DeCosta’s phone ringing. Or, it should be.

Who’s on the other line you ask? Well, I’m glad you did, because it’s somebody who’s ready to give up a draft pick to Baltimore to solve a serious problem position, or should be.

That would be Bears GM Ryan Pace who’s had an overall good tenure in Chicago, but has had serious difficulties figuring out one very underrated but important position in that time: kicker. Ever since Robbie Gould left town (who wasn’t playing well at the time), it’s been one failed experiment after another at the position.

This all came to a head last January as Cody Parkey fired the doink(s) heard ‘round the world and sent his team packing after a 12-4 season that should’ve ended in contention for the Super Bowl. Instead, they headed for the proverbial golf course of the offseason and set off with one goal in mind: find a kicker.

With Eddie Pineiro and Elliot Fry currently duking it out, it’s safe to say they haven’t quite solved the issue just yet. Lucky for them though, Dr. DeCosta has the medicine they need to cure their kicking woes; or, at the very least, spice the current competition up just a tad.

That would be kicker/punter hybrid Kaare Vedvik, who won’t have a spot on the final roster in Baltimore, but has all preseason to showcase his skills and find a permanent home elsewhere. The Norweigan was nails on Thursday night, hitting field goals 55, 45, 29, and 26 yards and drilling both of his extra points.

It’s been a long road back for Vedvik after an off-field incident kept him from playing in 2018, and as a result he was pretty much untradeable following last season’s camp. All he has to do, though, is keep stringing performances like last night together and a team will come calling.

Looking at you Mr. Pace – do the right thing and send a fifth rounder Baltimore’s way. You’ll thank DeCosta for the steal later, as this Norweigan demi-God is booting 50+ yarders right down the middle routinely, and putting so much mustard on them that they aren’t even in the same area code as a goal post.