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FanPulse: Ravens fans’ confidence growing post-free agency

After the flurry of free agency, Ravens fans are riding high

NFL: FEB 27 Scouting Combine Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

At season’s end, the confidence of Ravens’ fans sat around 91% positive. For reference, SB Nation surveyed all 32 teams’ fans and the average sat around 55% positive. Only six fanbases were more confident in the direction of their respective franchise than fans of the Ravens.

After a slight falter in confidence during free agency, the roaring Ravens’ crowd has steadily built back the support of their beloved bird team.

  • End of Season: 91%
  • Free Agency: 67%
  • Pre-draft: 80%
  • Post-draft: 86%
  • Preseason Week 1: 93%

It’s worth noting most fanbases are in high spirits, as the average is all the way up to 78% following the first preseason game. Hopefully, the excitement for Baltimore doesn’t crumble quickly.

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Final note: Bengals fans rank near the bottom, with only 47% responding positively.