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Willie Snead’s positivity is infectious

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Snead is a ray of sunshine, even on a sweltering day in July.

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Ravens have welcomed many new faces this offseason. From veterans like Earl Thomas, UDFA’s like E.J. Ejiya, to new receivers coach and passing game coordinator David Culley.

Willie Snead IV seems so comfortable in the Ravens offense that he looks like he’s one of the team’s longest-tenured players, despite this season marking only his second with the team.

Snead never takes a rep off. He’s never out of place. He’s reliable, consistent and professional. His footwork is efficient and he’s a natural hands catcher. Through five days of camp, Snead has continued where he left off, making tough catches over the middle on a daily basis. The occasional drop slips out of his grasp, but no one is perfect.

His play isn’t the only positive aspect that the Ball State product brings to the Ravens. His attitude is jovial, positive, happy, fun and exciting. He’s constantly encouraging teammates and engaging with coaches. People gravitate towards him.

He also seems to really love the fans.

If you were to ask John Harbaugh to describe Willie Snead, I guarantee he would reply, “He’s a Raven. He plays like a Raven.”

Snead is hard-nosed as a blocker on the field, but kind to young fans during breaks. He battles defensive backs with gritty toughness during the play, then is seen smiling from ear to ear joking around with Lamar Jackson after. His positivity and work ethic are a fantastic example for the younger players, who should follow in his footsteps.

Willie Snead is a true professional both on and off the field, and the Ravens are lucky to have him. Offering Snead an extension, who is a free agent after this season, would be wise.