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Ravens WR Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown has passed his physical

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Lights, camera, action

Baltimore Ravens Portraits Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images for Fox Sports

After the excitement of Miles Boykin hits an all-time high, another rookie receiver has sat on the sideline waiting to capture the hearts of fans attending the practices in Owings Mills, MD. Now, he may have the chance to do so as WR Marquise Brown has passed his physical.

Eric DeCosta’s first NFL draft pick as the General Manager of the Baltimore Ravens could hit the field any day now, even so early as tomorrow.

It’s worth reminding everybody just how impressive Hollywood is on the field, and Baltimore Beatdown has the film content to show you.

Also, I wrote a ‘Likes & Dislikes’ article covering Hollywood, which may be worth another once-over.

As of now, the Ravens offense in practice has begun building a rock-solid foundation. From Boykin and Willie Snead IV making catches on the outside to Mark Andrews bullying linebackers and safeties alike, the offense has progressed well. The addition of Hollywood is only going to empower these players on the field as defenses must account for his game-changing speed.