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Three goals for CB Brandon Carr in 2019-20

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Tried and true, Carr continues to be a rock in Baltimore’s secondary.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Minicamp Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

As he enters his third year in Baltimore and 13th career season, Carr has shown no signs of slowing down with age. The veteran corner again started all 16 games for the Ravens and outside of Marlon Humphrey, was maybe their most consistent defensive back.

Carr’s PFF grade of 71.5 ranked 35th at the position, but his 15 forced incompletions were tied for 8th. He was also one of just three cornerbacks who played 500+ snaps and didn’t allow a touchdown, according to PFF. Alongside Humphrey, Jimmy Smith, and Tavon Young another strong season should be in-store for Carr.

Here are three goals for Carr ahead of the 2019-20 season. Be sure to join the conversation and share your thoughts below!

1) Remain in the mix

The cornerback depth chart in Baltimore is extremely talented and while that includes Carr, the names around him are just as noteworthy, if not more. Between Carr, Humphrey,Smith, and Young, the Ravens have four starting-caliber corners on the roster, and all four of them figure to see their share of playing time.

However, in the unlikely scenario that any one of these guys begins to struggle, it would be easy for said player’s playing time to decrease given the abundance of options available. Carr is the oldest corner on the roster but is extremely consistent and steady. So long as he continues to play at a high level, he should have no issues in seeing his share of reps in the CB rotation.

2) Take the young guys under his wing

While natural talent and athletic ability are important components to being a successful cornerback, so too are the intangibles that only come with experience, such as technique and play recognition. Carr is entering his 12th career season and has played 176 total games which, believe it or not, is only 13 less than the combined games played of every other cornerback on the Ravens roster (189).

While Humphrey, Young, and Smith don’t need to be “shown the ropes”, Carr’s experience and veteran perspective would be extremely valuable for the first and second-year corners: Anthony Averett and Iman “Biggie” Lewis-Marshall. Averett and Lewis-Marshall have the physical tools to be starters one day, and their opportunity in Baltimore could come in the next couple years given the uncertain futures of Carr and Smith. Any wisdom or pointers Carr can pass along to the younger cornerbacks could prove to be valuable in the short and long-term.

3) Play all 16 games ... again

For all the positive on-field attributes Carr brings to the table, perhaps the most impressive thing about his game is availability. As he enters season #13, Carr continues his remarkable streak of consecutive games played - and started, for that matter. Carr has never missed a single game in his career due to injury, which is frankly unheard of and extremely rare in the NFL. One would think Carr, who turned 33 years old in May, would have at least taken a game off for rest or recovery at some point during his 12-year career. Carr’s consistency and longevity separate him from the majority of cornerbacks in the league and keeping the streak going should again be a goal of his next season.