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Ravens expected to sign QB Joe Callahan

Ravens are in need of another QB for Training Camp

NFL: New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens found themselves a quarterback down following Saturday night’s practice after top backup Robert Griffin III injured his hand on a hit to a defender’s helmet. They initially sought to fill his spot by signing veteran journeyman Josh Johnson with whom they’re familiar, but he rebuffed their offer in favor of waiting for one that may prove to be more long term.

It appears they’ve already honed in on a backup (backup) plan, and it comes in the form of a relatively low-level signing of a guy who’s been around the league for a few years:

Callahan is hardly a household name, but got a bit of buzz as an undrafted DIII standout from Wesley who impressed with Green Bay in his first preseason opportunity. His play earned him a final roster spot in his rookie year of 2016, though he was released by the Packers later in the regular season; he rejoined them for a brief period to backup Brett Hundley the following season.

Since then, he’s bounced around the league a fair amount, having spent time with five separate teams at this point, most notably spending the preseason with Philadelphia last summer. Now, he lands in Baltimore just ahead of the exhibition games to try and put some good tape out there, and potentially hang around if RG3’s injuries linger into the regular season.

Standing 6’1 with the ability move around a bit, Callahan fits the mold of what the team is currently looking for in a signal caller, so we’ll see if that translates to success on the field in the coming weeks. Until then, be sure to stay with Baltimore Beatdown as more updates continue to come from camp.