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Ravens training camp: Stock report & video content 7/29

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Mark Andrews and Miles Boykin continue to show offensive capabilities

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Minicamp Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The ‘dog days’ of training camp featured exciting play from a wide array of players, but one star was the focus of today’s practice.

Player of the practice: TE Mark Andrews

Many Baltimore Ravens fans were hoping to pick up this sophomore tight end late in fantasy football. I wish you all good luck, as Andrews is catching buzz from the local to national media.

Just as he’s done in the past few practices, he once again brought his A-game, hauling in multiple catches, including two of them during individual drills.

Stock Up

Jordan LasleyAfter a few rough practices, Lasley went out and caught multiple passes, including a touchdown pass from Trace McSorley. However, his temper did flair as he got in a fight with Cyrus Jones and swung at Bennett Jackson, who was breaking up the fight. The touchdown pass occurred after the fight, to which Lasley celebrated by throwing the football over the fence and into the nearby pond/drainage.

Miles BoykinMan, this kid is good. In scrimmage, Boykin faced off against Marlon Humphrey and broke through the press coverage to catch a 35-yard pass. He’s now made plays against two starting cornerbacks on this roster.

Marlon Humphrey — After Humphrey allowed the completion from Boykin, #44 responded the very next play by breaking up a pass towards Seth Roberts. The ball was almost hauled in by Humphrey, but he popped it up and Patrick Onwuasor came down with the interception. Later on, Humphrey caught an interception of his own.

Anthony AverettTwo Alabama cornerbacks make the list again as Averett had a great stop against Boykin in scrimmage. He stuck to Boykin’s hip, read the deep shot and beat Boykin to the lane, keeping Boykin from getting a chance at the ball. Averett has played a great camp this year and I’m curious to see if he sees lengthy playing time this preseason.

Maurice CanadyAfter a tough couple of practices, Canady responded with a route jump in which he nearly picked McSorley and had a route to the endzone. He couldn’t quite hang onto the ball, though. Later on, he shut down Michael Floyd on a redzone fade, getting in-between the receiver and ball with great coverage. The defense was fired up after the play was over.

Ben PowersThe rookie out of Oklahoma is still practicing with the starting unit and delivered a pancake block on Brandon Williams.

Ronnie StanleySome great blocks by Stanley kept Jackson clean on the left side for most of the game. I don’t remember anybody breaking through against him.

Lamar Jackson He’s been on a solid streak but today was a bit tough for him. He threw two interceptions and couldn’t get into a rhythm. It happens. Honestly, it’s good to see the defense make plays as he’s only thrown one interception to this point.

Trace McSorley — With Robert Griffin III out, McSorley has been given a big opportunity. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to do much with it. He hasn’t received ample time from his offensive line, but he’s struggled to get passes complete in the intermediate and deep range.

Video Content

If you’ve been following my twitter account, @BB_KylePBarber, you’ve already seen this. If not, you can watch it here today and then follow my account for the rest of camp!