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Las Vegas isn’t high on the Ravens in 2019-20

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Examining the Ravens odds at the start of training camp

Baltimore Ravens Portraits Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images has the Patriots, Rams, Chiefs and Saints with the best odds to win the Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes is the MVP favorite (5/1) and Andrew Luck is second (6/1).

They’re giving the Ravens decently long odds to win the big game. The Ravens are listed at 34/1, which is right around the middle of the pack. They list the Ravens playoff odds at 8/5, which gives them roughly a 38% chance to advance past the regular season. If you believe the Ravens are going to be successful in 2019-20, then now is the time to put your money where your mouth is.

Despite being the returning AFC North champions and getting much faster at key positions, the Ravens hold the third-highest odds in the AFC North to make the postseason ahead of only the Bengals while trailing the Browns and Steelers.

Lamar Jackson is listed as having the 22nd-best odds to win MVP alongside Ezekiel Elliott, Cam Newton, Le’ Veon Bell, Khalil Mack and Kyler Murray. Not bad company to be in. Each of those players is a 50/1 shot, according to our friends over at MyTopSportsBook.

The Ravens never receive much national attention, but Lamar Jackson has changed that. Still, Vegas and various media outlets alike continue to doubt John Harbaugh and company. That’s fine, the Ravens love flying under the radar.

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown is listed as having the sixth best odds (24/1) to win Rookie of the Year. While this is certainly possible, Brown’s foot injury will likely limit him in the early portion of the season, which is okay. His big play ability could set the NFL on fire when he is fully healthy. The only question is when? When will Hollywood be healthy?

According to Harbs, “very soon” - so we shall see how his season plays out. In training camp on Thursday, Hollywood was running miles worth of sprints and planting hard on his bad foot to strengthen it up. He clearly can’t wait to join his new teammates, but team doctors are making him ease back in (which is the right thing to do)

Again, if you think that the Ravens are contenders, bet on them now while their stock is lowest. If you lose, the odds were long anyway. This is a classic move called the, ‘I didn’t bet that much on them, anyway’. If you had to choose one bet, which would you take? Lamar Jackson for MVP, Ravens to the Super Bowl or Marquise Brown for ROTY?

Do you think the Ravens should have better odds than 8/5 to make the playoffs and 34/1 to win the Super Bowl? What would make oddsmakers buy into the Ravens as contenders? They did win their division in 2018, and appear to be focused to continue a similar path.