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Ravens K Justin Tucker tops Madden 20 rankings

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Number 1!

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens

The Madden 20 rankings are out and while some players have every reason to be upset (Keenan Allen), the best kicker in the NFL is standing atop the rest with his stats.

But even with Justin Tucker above the rest, it’s fair to say he should be far greater than the next overall placekickers. Let’s take a look at the rankings.

Madden 20 Kicker Ratings

Kicker Kick Power Kick Accuracy Overall
Kicker Kick Power Kick Accuracy Overall
Justin Tucker 98 98 87
Robbie Gould 94 92 85
Aldrick Rosas 95 93 84
Stephen Gostkowski 96 87 80
Greg Zuerlein 95 89 80

Tucker is not the most powerful leg in the game, though he’s a 98 for kick power. Above him is Graham Gano, who is slightly surprising. Most would figure Brandon McManus, but Gano does possess some serious leg power. I think Tucker deserves the 99, though, seeing as he crushes more 50+ yard field goals than anybody else in the league.

As for kicking accuracy, Tucker is above the rest and Madden gave him some respect. After Tucker, the second-most accurate kicker is Aldrick Rosas with a 93. I’m surprised this isn’t Robbie Gould or Stephen Gostkowksi, but I appreciate Madden for knowing just how far above Tucker is than anybody else.

I will, however, argue that his accuracy should be a 99. Going off last seasons’ stats, Tucker missed only four field goals. Of those four, two were blocked. The two misses were from distances of 53- and 65-yards. The blocks were from 43- and 48-yards out.

In the end, Tucker is the best in the game, the best in the NFL, and arguably the best of all time. It’s nice to see the Madden ratings give him the credit fans don’t in Pro Bowl voting.