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Ravens 2019 Draft Likes & Dislikes: CB Iman Marshall

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Will this future pick pay off?

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Three days in and it’s time for another draft selection to discuss. If you’re just tuning in, take a look at the last two articles covering the same topic: the likes and dislikes of each Baltimore Ravens 2019 draft pick.

Rd. 4, Pick 127: CB Iman Marshall

Likes: In theory, this is a great pick. The aging veterans aren’t going to last forever; Jimmy Smith and Brandon Carr turn 31 and 33 this year, respectively. Going after another prototypical big cornerback to groom now isn’t a bad idea. I and everybody talking about ‘Biggie’ have all titled this selection a ‘future pick.’ DeCosta isn’t just building for a push in 2019, he’s focusing on the present and future.

As for the here and now, I like Marshall’s red zone defense. He’s big enough to cover NFL receivers and I’m confident he can perform well in a limited role and learn from the top-tier talent on the roster.

Dislikes: As I began in the ‘likes’ section, this is a theoretically solid pick. It will take a lot more than sense to pay off, though.

The comparisons to Jimmy Smith need to stop. I’ve seen a few online because they’re both bigger corners but the comparisons are not accurate. Coming out of college, Smith was a bonafide top selection. Marshall may not be an NFL cornerback as he fits the role of safety due to his average athletic ability. He needs to add both speed and strength to his game, or his size won’t matter. The jump from college to the pros is enormous for cornerbacks and mistakes in the secondary can cost a team wins. This will be a development pick.