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Ravens 2019 Draft Likes & Dislikes: DT Daylon Mack

Can Daylon Mack become a consistent player?

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Yesterday, I started a quick series in which I share my likes and dislikes on the Ravens 2019 draft class. After covering QB Trace McSorley yesterday, we now turn our attention to DT Daylon Mack.

Rd. 5, Pick 160: DT Daylon Mack

Likes: This is an Ozzie Newsome-fueled selection with Eric DeCosta making the final call. Which, to me, is the perfect billing.

The Ravens continue to cycle the defensive line with big-bodied trench warmongers, and Mack fits the role. He’s a prospect who fell in the draft due to his underwhelming play at TAMU, which sounds largely due to the coaching staff. After producing only 2.5 sack in three years. he blew up for 5.5 sacks in 2018 as he matched or bested his career numbers in his senior season [sports-reference]. I expect defensive line coach Joe Cullen to push Mack into a significant role these next couple seasons as his skill level will match whoever he’s surrounded by.

Dislikes: I don’t have much criticism for Mack, honestly. I think he’s a great pick for Baltimore as they sort out the defensive line depth in 2019 and beyond. That being said, some players performance in college plateaus in the pros. Yes, Mack was great in college in his senior year, but those power moves don’t always translate when facing NFL lineman each snap. His fatigue will set in due to pushing around a 330+ pound frame.

Also, his first three years in college is also fair to worry about. Maybe it was Jimbo Fisher and his system in 2018 which allowed Mack to thrive, rather than great development building Mack into a stud at the interior position.