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Ravens 2019 Draft Likes & Dislikes: QB Trace McSorley

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An attempted objective opinion on the rookie from Penn State

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After publishing the initial draft selections and the subsequent instant reactions, the excitement over the 2019 NFL draft appears to be dwindling.

While all of us try to cope with football news quieting down for the offseason, I figured an attempt to gauge these new players objectively could help us quell expectations of super-stardom in year one, but also give confidence in the 2019 rookie class. After all, we should be honest in our analysis, not overtly favorable due to the jersey they’ll be wearing.

For the next eight days, I’ll be giving my opinion on each and every 2019 Baltimore Ravens draft selection.

Rd. 6, Pick 197: QB Trace McSorley

Likes: Just because Robert Griffin III re-signed with the Ravens doesn’t mean the backup position should be handed over so simply. An extra competitor will fuel a camp battle to show who is deserving of the QB2 spot. McSorley is also an athletic quarterback, capable of operating in the Greg Roman/Lamar Jackson scheme. This will allow all players to practice the same playbook and responsibilities, regardless of the man under center. This is important as backups and depth players need the reps, in case they are thrust into live action.

Also, I like this QB pick as McSorley sounds highly versatile and accepting of any role in the NFL. He has a gaming mentality of craving snaps on the gridiron by any means necessary. During rookie camp, McSorley was in on special teams as a possible return man.

Finally, I wasn’t a fan of the Keenan Reynolds pick a few years ago. The selection felt forced and converting the Navy quarterback to receiver was never going to work out. The Ravens struggle to develop receivers, let alone quarterbacks transitioning to receiver. This on the other hand, doesn’t feel anywhere near the same. McSorley is a great athlete who can find room on the field.

Dislikes: I am confident in the Baltimore Ravens inside linebacker unit. I’ve praised Patrick Onwuasor, Kenny Young and Anthony Levine Sr. numerous times before the departure of C.J. Mosley. That being said, I figured a flyer on an inside linebacker late would’ve been a great idea.

I know the Ravens can churn out UDFA-backers into starting-caliber talent, but I think a sixth-round pick to ensure you get the guy you want in the room would’ve capped off what appears as a great first draft for Eric DeCosta. I think somebody like Kadon Elliss would’ve been a smart move. McSorley is another shiny offensive playmaker and the excitement of playing him beside Jackson brings intrigue, but there are more important holes elsewhere.