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Openthread: Which player should replace LB C.J. Mosley?

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Who on the roster can fill the role left behind?

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

When free agency arrived, the Ravens knew keeping C.J. Mosley was important. All that went out the window, though, when the New York Jets dropped a five-year/$85 million deal, with $43 million guaranteed. Eric DeCosta didn’t have any where near that kind of cap space to re-sign the All-Pro and ultimately, DeCosta’s job became replacing the former first-round draft pick.

When the NFL Draft arrived, many proclaimed Baltimore as the destination for inside linebackers. Somebody, anybody, to replace the loss of Mosley. But the three-day event came and went, without a single inside linebacker drafted by Baltimore.

This left the current roster as the replacement.

Which player should replace C.J. Mosley?

With the Ravens playing in a 3-4, the term ‘replacement’ isn’t a simple one-to-one fix. Instead, it will be shifting of position. Patrick Onwuasor was ILB2, beside Mosley. Now, Onwuasor will become the number one linebacker on the roster. With Peanut becoming the number one player, Kenny Young will join the starting fray, beside his competition only a season ago.

These two alone won’t replace Mosley. Instead, it will be a trio. Anthony Levine Sr. will certainly be involved as a linebacker in 2019. His skills in the passing game will help to neutralize tight ends and slot receivers, something Mosley struggled with from time to time.

Finally, Pernell McPhee could be a significant help in replacing Mosley’s skills in pass rushing.

Initially, C.J. was a threat to take down the quarterback a few times a season; he accumulated seven sacks his first two seasons. This tailed off as his assignments were more coverage oriented. McPhee used to line up as an inside linebacker with pass rushing assignments on big third downs. He could put his hand in the dirt when asked, too. This could be very beneficial if McPhee can replicate his usual four sacks a season.

What is your assessment?