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Open Thread: How many Ravens are top 100 players?

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Who can you categorize as elite?

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is filled with the best football players in the world. Their ability on the gridiron is nearly unmatched. But who among these players are the best? Who are the top rated players when stacked up against one another?

Some simple arithmetic: 32 teams x 53 players on a roster = 1,696 active rostered players in the NFL.

Taking off the bottom 50% of players is fairly easy. You know who is rated better than 848th in the league. The challenge comes into play when debating who should be placed in the 99.94 percentile vs. 99.99 percentile. Well, that’s what the Top 100 does each and every year. It finds those at the highest point of the upper echelon. Not the top 1% or even the top .1%. This is the top .0589%.

With all this in mind, are any Baltimore Ravens in the top 100? Any worthy of being in the upper echelon?

How many Ravens are top 100 players?

I believe there are three Ravens in the Top 100, though you may be capable of arguing four are deserving.

  1. Earl Thomas — The greatest free safety in the NFL since Ed Reed is a Top 100 player until he isn’t. As of now, he’s still among the elite. With his speed, range, football IQ and overall ability, it’s hard to find anybody better than ETIII.
  2. Marshal Yanda — Father time is knocking at Yanda’s door, but the door is still closed. He may no longer be the best guard in football as Zack Martin’s a bonafide stud, but he’s still battling for first place each week. He was ranked 99th by PFF last year, which is a bit too high for me personally, but that’s still a top 100 appearance.
  3. Marlon Humphrey — Last season was utter domination by the Humphrey. He stonewalled receivers and is only getting better. Humphrey was ranked 97th by PFF last year and I also think this was a bit high for my liking. Nonetheless, he’ll be even better in 2019.

According to’s Top 100, which we all give strong criticism towards, Mark Ingram also lands within the greatest players in the NFL. Ingram was ranked 43rd, one place higher than Earl Thomas, coincidentally. I don’t think Ingram is a top 50 player in the NFL, but he may be top 100. In 2017, Ingram produced career high’s in carries, yards, touchdowns, receptions and receiving yards. The following year, Ingram was suspended for four games and he was forced to share the workload with star dual-threat running back Alvin Kamara.

Now it’s your turn. Do you think the Ravens have a top 100 player on the roster? How many?