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Openthread: Who will be the Ravens sack leader in 2019?

Make your pick so you can go back to this in January and show off you were right

Oakland Raiders v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Last season, the Baltimore Ravens defense sacked the opposing quarterback 43 times, good for 11th in the league. But with multiple players leaving in free agency, the Ravens are now missing a whopping 17.5 sacks from their grand total, including team leader Za’Darius Smith (8.5 sacks). Now, with Smith gone, who will take the mantle?

Who will lead the Ravens in sacks in 2019?

The easy bet here is Matt Judon. He was tied with Terrell Suggs for second on the team in sacks last season, with seven. Judon is now the veteran playmaker and yet his game continues to improve. Though he’ll also face more double teams and offensive coordinators will pay extra attention to him, I see Judon breaking through just as frequently or more in 2019. He’s a damn good football player and his tenacity won’t quit.

My dark-horse candidate is rookie Jaylon Ferguson. I’m in the party of believing he’s the real deal. You don’t accidentally break Terrell Suggs NCAA Division-1 sack record. You do so through incredibly hard work for your entire college career. With such focus on Judon, one of the young players will need to step up and Ferguson could be the one, just like Tim Williams or Tyus Bowser. That being said, I’m going with the rookie as I trust Eric DeCosta’s patience in drafting the college star, rather than trading up in the second or early third.