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Open Thread: Who is your favorite Raven currently on the roster?

Is it a long-time veteran, a recent free agent addition, or someone in-between?

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

I do apologize, but the first two paragraphs will certainly sound like a bit of a ‘woe is me’ YouTube blogger apology and not be related to the article at hand. If you’d like, you’re welcome to skip ahead to the horizontal line break, where I’ll actually start talking about the title topic.

I just want to take a second and apologize to the readers of Baltimore Beatdown on my lack of consistency these past couple months. School, my other job and just losing focus took me away from the laptop. Now, though, I’m taking a break from school, opting out of summer courses and managing my schedule to resume my former production. I am now going to post a daily article topic. I hope you all follow along and participate. Thanks for reading.

There are quite a few exciting names on the Baltimore Ravens roster this season, which feels different from years past. Before, the Ravens were maybe featured in a commercial or two, but only on primetime affairs against a rival to hype up the late-night exhibition. Now, there’s some offensive playmakers sprinkled in with the sum-of-its-parts defense. This leads to the question, “Who is your favorite Baltimore Raven on the current roster?”

I think it’s fair* to have a few, as Ravens fans care deeply about all three phases of the game.

*I’m mainly giving this caveat as I’m answering the question first and have a couple responses to the question.

  1. Anthony Levine — Co-Cap is an all-around warrior. He helps lead the Ravens on defense and special teams. He’s a great example of a player who fits a role and maximizes his play on each snap. Recently retired special teams coordinator and assistant head coach Jerry Rosburg dubbed him a part of ‘the wolfpack,’ as he’s a vital contributor on special teams.

2. Mark Andrews — With the addition of Lamar Jackson, the Ravens offense had a new recipe. Andrews added the spice as he salt bae’d all over the gridiron.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With Hayden Hurst suffering an injury which practically cost him his rookie season, Andrews stepped up and hauled in 34 receptions for 552 yards and three touchdowns. It’s great to see some speed at tight end; a real pass-catching threat with YAC-ability.

3. Jimmy Smith — Been a ‘Beans’-stan since I was writing about him on my blogspot account. His coverage is some of the best in the game. While people argue about his contract and if he’s still got enough in the tank, I’m still blindly supporting CB1.

Alright, Beatdown fans. Who is your favorite Raven on the current roster?