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Ravens 2019 Draft Likes & Dislikes: Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown

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The first-round receiver comes in with a bit of hype

NCAA Football: Florida Atlantic at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The speculation on which receiver the Baltimore Ravens would select made for an interesting NFL draft. D.K. Metcalf was the superstar work-horse in the NFL combine, yet fell to the last pick of the second round. N’Keal Harry was another speculation, yet wasn’t the choice for the Ravens at 25. With their pick of the litter, Eric DeCosta selected Marquise Brown out of Oklahoma.

Rd. 1 Pick 25: WR Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown

Likes: The stats from Hollywood’s two years at Oklahoma create cause for excitement; Brown posted back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons. He also found the endzone 17 times in 25 games. During his final season, Hollywood averaged 6.25 catches per game. He averaged 17.6 yards per catch. He opened the season with five-straight games with a touchdown, totaling seven scores during the streak. He also averaged 110 yards per game [sports-reference].

There’s no surprise Hollywood is a relative of Antonio Brown when looking over the numbers. High averages in catches, yards and scores for a smaller receiver with blistering speed and acute route-running skills.

One of my favorite plays to feel excited about was his 3rd & 14 catch and run against UCLA. He plays from inside the slot and runs an 18-yard hook route. This alone breeds excitement as it’s a 3rd-and-long situation, yet he can get to the first-down marker quickly to continue the drive across the field. Hollywood hits the brakes and makes the turn quick as Kyler Murray delivers a strike with Brown still in his route. The ball sailed past the 50-yard line as Brown finishes the hook route, greeted by the pass, the defense nowhere near him as his agility shines through. He’s planting his foot as he catches the ball, creating a leg to explode off the ball instantly. Hollywood’s a step ahead before the ball is caught, leaving the corner in the dust and the safety on his highlight reel. Just a gorgeous play from start to finish here.

Dislikes: While Eric DeCosta and each Ravens’ scout studied and signed off on Brown’s medical charts when the drafted him, it doesn’t escape the fact that he’s recovering from Lisfranc fracture surgery. He is missing valuable reps with QB Lamar Jackson, which we’ll hear about each time there’s a missed catch or timing route from the broadcast booth. He’s also a bit smaller than most receivers. He’s obviously compared to his cousin, Antonio, but AB84 weighed 186 pounds coming out of college.

Obviously, as this series progressed from last picks in the draft to the first selection, there would be less to talk about in the dislike category. Now that we’ve arrived at the first pick for the Ravens, it’s tough to come up with many reasons to dislike the pick/player.

Unsurprisingly, there’s not much to dislike about Hollywood. Just the injury history being worrisome, really. He’s a potential NFL star. His fluidity in routes combined with his speed and agility make for a difficult 60 minutes for opposing defenders.