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Ravens 2019 Draft Likes & Dislikes: WR Miles Boykin

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We’ve reached the Day 2 picks of the 2019 NFL Draft as the Baltimore Ravens traded up for WR Miles Boykin. Also, if you haven’t read the previous draft selections in this series, I’ve left a link below.

Rd. 3 Pick 93: WR Miles Boykin

Likes: His senior season was solid. After two years fighting for playing time, Boykin matured into a starting receiver and flourished as a senior with 59 receptions for 872 yards and eight touchdowns. I greatly appreciate his route-running, which I find highly important. Speed and strength mean nothing if you can’t use these attributes correctly, if at all. Boykin does so with sharp cuts and calculated footwork.

The above gif shows something we Ravens fans usually hate to watch. A skilled receiver finding open space along the sideline on 3rd & 12. Receivers all across the AFC North have damaged the Ravens’ secondary with this catch. It would be nice to watch Boykin return the favor over the next few years.

I also love this pick from Eric DeCosta’s standpoint. The team drafted both Jordan Lasley and Jaleel Scott last season. Both players contributed nothing and DeCosta isn’t afraid to move on. The general manager has brought in a bunch of receivers and is letting them battle it out for the final spots.

DeCosta is really working hard to get this passing attack into shape by drafting two receivers within the first two days of the draft and signing two more in free agency (Seth Roberts, Michael Floyd). Whether or not it works out, it’s still great to see the effort in pushing this offense into the new era.

Dislikes: Boykin struggles with press coverage. This was his biggest knock coming into the draft.

Hasn’t learned to counter press jabs with his hands

allows press corners to grind on him

cornerbacks are allowed to crowd his chest

needs more aggressiveness and play strength

All criticisms from his draft profile by Lance Zierlein.

The good news is he’s going to practice against the Ravens star secondary each and every day. Iron sharpens iron. Boykin isn’t a polished product, either. While Willie Snead and Marquise Brown will hit the field Day 1 ready to go, Boykin is a development. Not much, but I see his game unlocking more in 2020 and beyond.