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Ravens 2019 preseason schedule announced; Ravens to participate in two sets of joint practices

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Welcome, Jacksonville!

NFL: International Series-Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Moments ago, the NFL announced the 2019 preseason schedule. The times of these games are still being worked out, but the dates are set.

For Jacksonville fans who live in the area, you’re in luck as the Ravens will host the Jaguars in joint practices during training camp in Owings Mills, Maryland. Last season, the Ravens hosted the Los Angeles Rams, which I would argue sparked better competition for the players as camp wore on.

The franchise, and notably head coach John Harbaugh, take preseason with interest. The Ravens are 60-32 all time during the preseason and Harbaugh boasts a 33-12 record. Evaluating these players in simulated game-play means a lot to the club as they whittle down the roster to the final 53 members.

While fans get bored with the preseason, coaches need it to evaluate who can contribute on the field. Who can step up when given their moment? Who shrink when the stadium lights shine bright? Can these players eliminate the mistakes when the game (sort of) means something?

Seeing as the team hasn’t lost a preseason contest since 2015, going 13-0, I expect the competition to continue under Harbaugh, Don Martindale and Greg Roman. Like Who’s Line is it Anyway?, the games are exhibition and the wins don’t matter. Nonetheless, building a winning program and culture means taking pride in the little things.