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Marlon Humphrey says Antonio Brown’s comments are, “Unlike anybody who’s a professional athlete”

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Nothing like the the unending drama from the Pittsburgh Steelers to keep the news cycle alive

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

On today’s episode of, Days of Our Steelers, ex-Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown attempts to attack Juju Smith-Schuster by pulling up an old direct message where the then-college wideout seeks out help from, truthfully, one of the best receivers in the NFL.

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I believe I’ve given my thoughts on the matter.

This got me thinking on how little the Ravens and their locker room has experienced frustration. Only Bernard Pollard’s frustration and Head Coach John Harbaugh’s admission of small dust-ups with Ed Reed over scheme come to mind. No matter, as Pollard, Reed and Harbaugh all won Super Bowl XLVII. Can’t say the same for Brown and a Super Bowl victory.

Marlon Humphrey joined NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano and was asked for his thoughts on the matter. Marlon initially thought it wasn’t real.

“I saw that,” Humphrey said. “Actually, when I first saw it I thought it was a fake tweet. It really caught me by surprise.”

After realizing it was real, Humphrey certainly doesn’t stand by attacking former teammates.

“To kind of attack your old teammates seems a little, unlike anybody who’s a professional athlete.”

Huge credit to Siciliano for asking the question all Ravens fans wanted to hear on if John Harbaugh would put up with this kind of drama.

“Nah, I don’t think he would,” Marlon said through some laughter. “That’s one thing I love about the Ravens. I never would have thought a locker room was closer than I was with the guys at Bama. So far, being at the Ravens, we seem like brothers.”

First off, that’s an incredible testament to the current state of the Ravens locker room. To be more highly-touted than Alabama’s locker room of champions is something to take pride in.

Also, coming from a family in which I was the middle child of two brothers, I wholeheartedly agree with Humphrey. From their jokes and jabs on Twitter, you’d think they grew up in the same household. Most of the players tease Humphrey by calling him ‘Marvin’ and poke fun at one another. Great job by Matt Judon getting everybody in on the joke, too.

It doesn’t stop here, either, as Judon was messing with Patrick Onwuasor earlier this morning as he parked his car rather close to Peanut’s Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

While the Steelers and their infinite drama continues, it’s nice to sit back and laugh with (or at) the current Ravens roster and their playful antics.