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Ravens rank third in the AFC North in recent BetOnline.AG Win Totals

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Before the 2019 NFL Draft has kicked off, BetOnline.AG decided to posted their gambling lines for all 32 NFL teams’ win totals. According to their line for the Baltimore Ravens, it’s rather standard. What is new, however, is which teams in the division stand above them.

2019 Regular Season Win Total (AFC North)

  1. Cleveland Browns — O/U: 9
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers — O/U: 8.5
  3. Baltimore Ravens — O/U: 8
  4. Cincinnati Bengals — O/U: 6

Usually, these lists feature the Steelers anywhere from 9-11 on their Over/Under with the Ravens and Bengals battling for second in the division. Now, the Bengals have dropped into the Ohio basement while the Browns go from worst-to-first with their impressive 2018 turnaround and star-acquiring free agency.

I’m surprised to see the Steelers still above the Ravens, even if it’s only by a half-game difference. While their roster still looks solid, the loss of Antonio Brown cannot be understated. Then again, this is the AFC North where last-minute drives and game-winning field goals are more common than double-digit victories, which will always keep the Ravens rival within reach of a game or two.

The win total for also places Baltimore ninth in the AFC.

2019 Regular Season Win Total (AFC) [Over/Under]

  1. New England Patriots — 11
  2. Kansas City Chiefs — 10.5
  3. Los Angeles Chargers — 9.5
  4. Indianapolis Colts — 9.5
  5. Cleveland Browns — 9
  6. Houston Texans — 8.5
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers — 8.5
  8. Tennessee Titans — 8.5
  9. Baltimore Ravens — 8
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars — 8
  11. Denver Broncos — 7
  12. New York Jets — 7
  13. Buffalo Bills — 6.5
  14. Oakland Raiders — 6.5
  15. Cincinnati Bengals — 6
  16. Miami Dolphins — 5

Strictly going by the numbers, BetOnline.AG believes the Ravens will miss the playoffs. That being said, they are a single win from joining the Browns, who are ranked fifth among AFC teams and would contend for either the AFC North title once again or a Wildcard spot.

Overall, this placement is completely unsurprising. Last year I pulled up the Ravens opening lines from 2013—2018 and the team literally hovers around eight-to-nine wins each year.