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Why the Ravens selected Daylon Mack

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To keep linebackers clean

Jeff Shull

Daylon Mack is super-human.

This is my favorite pick of the 2019 NFL Draft for the Ravens. He’s 340-pounds and has a 27-inch vertical. The Ravens now have over 1,000-pounds cumulatively between Brandon Williams, Daylon Mack, and Michael Pierce. Mack figures to be an immediate contributor in goal line packages, and will help keep Pierce and Williams fresh.

According to Pro Football Focus Mack was the SEC’s 10th most efficient interior pass rusher. Interior pressure is king in the NFL and the best way to blow up an opposing offense (i.e. the Chargers in the Wild-Card game).

Daylon was a standout as a freshman at Texas A&M, then a coaching change and scheme change caused a disappointing sophomore campaign, before he emerged as a valued starter his junior year. Mack plays with outstanding leverage and pad level, using his massive frame to simply devour blockers. The former Aggie explodes through gaps because he stays low. He’s extremely similar to Michael Pierce, staying extremely low coming out of his stance to allow cat like quickness. He needs to improve his endurance, but the Ravens have never had a problem conditioning young players.

The 52-game starter has a signature move. He employs a club-swim combo where he batters blockers with his outside arm then shrinks himself to shoot the gap with a swim move. He lacks range with stout arms and suboptimal length, maybe his only missing trait.

Lets see what Mack’s film tells us:

Daylon reminds me of the Vikings Linval Joseph. He has freakish athleticism for his massive frame. The former five-star recruit will be a classic Raven DT.

Rookie Predictions:

Daylon Mack will make a crucial stop on fourth-down in goal-line defense. Block eaters Pierce, Williams and Mack will allow Peanut and company to destroy ball-carriers behind the LOS. Mack will receive 10-20 snaps per game, and will replace Pierce or Williams should they prove to be too pricey to stay in Baltimore.
Mack will also enjoy a bevvy of seafood during his time in Charm City: