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Why the Ravens selected RB Justice Hill

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To join their 4x100 relay team

Justice Hill completes the Ravens offense. The yin to Mark Ingram’s yang can change a game in 10 seconds or less. His jump-cutting ability, change of direction and elusiveness will be an immediate factor offensively. He is a tad small, but is experienced in pass protection. He struggles with larger defenders who blitz, but his technique is admirable. This allows the Ravens to disguise their intentions when he’s on the field. Lets take a look at his film—

Hill accounted for over 3800 yards and 31 touchdowns over the last three seasons as a Cowboy. He needs to learn to anticipate big hits more effectively to stay healthy, although he has durable in college. Lamar Jackson can school him on this. Hill needs to a learn a touch of patience following his blocks, as most electric play-makers do. Hill joins Hollywood Brown as another All-American and Big-12 standout. The Ravens have really shown an affinity for the Mid-West in Eric DeCosta’s inaugural draft.

Rookie predictions:

Justice Hill will contribute on special teams and immediately on offense. He is extremely similar to Warrick Dunn with his vision and craftiness. This will lead to mismatches against LBs and Safeties. Hill will score a touchdown in the playoffs in 2019.

Stats: 100 carries, 15 receptions, 550 yards, four touchdowns and three teammates haircuts.