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Ravens 2019 Draft: Day 1 Open Thread

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Who will the Ravens pick? Will they pick?

NFL: NFL Draft-City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The excitement of the NFL Draft is buzzing and all the speculation and mock drafts are answered with the real thing. From pick one all the way to 32, anything can happen. Fans witnessed this only last season as the Baltimore Ravens jumped back into the first round in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles to acquire QB Lamar Jackson.

The Ravens don’t have a pick until 22, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be watching until the 20’s begin. The AFC North is still in this draft and many of the 2019 opponents also have a few picks to build their teams around.

The Ravens are in a great spot for a top 15-20 prospect to fall, but rumor has the Ravens hoping to trade back. Not a bad idea as the upper echelon of talent may be gone and rather than stick with their top pick they may find a trade partner desperate to fill a need, offering an extra third-round selection.

This is a new era. The Ravens now have Lamar Jackson on a rookie deal. Eric DeCosta is the General Manager and the pressure is on to continue the championship pedigree the Ravens are known for. It’s time for all those years of building a roster behind Ozzie Newsome to pay dividends with a new team—his team, and his way.

For the fans

  1. Who is your top prospect?
  2. Who is the one player you want the Ravens to avoid?
  3. Do you think the Ravens will trade down? Who will be the trade partner?