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Ravens to announce contract extension for K Justin Tucker

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The greatest kicker in history isn’t going anywhere

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Less than an hour ago, the Baltimore Ravens announced a press conference with an unnamed player at 2:30 p.m. ET. Shortly thereafter, The Athletic’s Jeff Zrebiec got the inside track as to who the player was and what the presser was covering. The best kicker in the NFL, Justin Tucker, has reached a contract extension with the Baltimore Ravens.

After the news broke, the Ravens twitter decided to join in and share the official news.

This re-signing comes just two weeks after the New England Patriots and Stephen Gostkowski agreed on a two-year contract worth $8.5 million.

I expect Tucker’s contract to surpass Gostkowski’s as he’s far younger and far more accurate than the Patriots counterpart. Tucker is just under 30 years old while Ghost just turned 35.

More importantly, Tucker is an absolute star in his position. While Gostkowski ranks third in all-time field goal percentage at 87.381%, Tucker places first with a 90.114%. The difference between Tucker (1) and Gostkowski (3) is the same distance between Gostkowski (3) and Chris Boswell (15).

While other teams continue to search for a quality player at placekicker, the Ravens still riding high on their undrafted free agent from 2012.

Justin Tucker’s new deal comes in at a hefty four-year, $23.05 million extension, as Adam Schefter reports.

I’ll argue that this isn’t an overpay at all. Tucker is by far the best at his position and he commands top-tier money. While other teams scramble for kickers each season with tryout after tryout, John Harbaugh can rest easy knowing his kicker is not only the most accurate, but he’s also kicking from the greater distances than anybody else.