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Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti commits $100,000 to rebuild black churches in Louisiana

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The best owner in the NFL

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Earlier this week, wealthy individuals and businesses donated to help rebuild the flame-engulfed Notre Dame in France. As help poured in to rebuild the multi-millennial old building, many asked who would step up and help the predominantly black churches which were destroyed by flame in Louisiana. As it turns out, Baltimore Ravens franchise owner Steve Bisciotti pledged $100,000 for the American churches.

This is the second known charitable donation made by Bisciotti this year as he and his wife Renee donated another $100,000 to Rich Eisen’s #RunRichRun fundraising campaign for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

A GoFundMe was also launched to help raise money for the churches and now exceeds $2.02 million from 37,251 donors.

While some will claim this is only a small amount of money for the owner, it’s still a six-figure donation to those in need. A tax-break or not, this is still $100k to help the communities affected by the alleged hate-crime.