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Michigan LB Devin Bush to visit with Ravens on Wednesday

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NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Inside linebacker isn’t necessarily a huge need for the Ravens right now, but it appears they’re doing their homework on some of the first round options at the position for next week’s draft:

Devin Bush (one of the top two Devins at the position, alongside Devin White) is seen as a potential top-15 player, and would very much fit in with what the Ravens have been doing on defense. Having said that, it may be tough to see Eric DeCosta pull the trigger on him unless an unexpected slide begins to take place.

Some mock drafts have Bush all the way up in the top ten. While those certainly aren’t the end-all-be-all barometer for a player’s stock, it does promote the idea that Bush won’t be there at 22 when Baltimore is picking in the first round. As a result, trading up for him may be their only option, which wouldn’t seem like a particularly prudent move given some of the other needs the team currently has.

Best player available is the mantra for this front office, even DeCosta straight up admitted that to be a somewhat limited strategy in overall scope. Best player available that fills a need may be a more accurate way of describing what they actually do in the draft.

We’ll see if he brings a new approach to round one but it would be pretty surprising to see him trade up to grab Bush, even if you do consider ILB to be a question mark after the departure of C.J. Mosley. That said, if the former Michigan standout is sitting there at 22 or better yet somehow still available after a trade back into the late 20s, don’t be at all shocked to see them scoop Bush up as Mosley’s replacement in the middle of the defense.