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Multiple Ravens change jersey numbers following recent roster changes

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With the recent additions/subtractions from free agency, these ravens finally get their numbers

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

As Ravens fans have followed along, there’s been quite the jersey number saga with Earl Thomas III and Marlon Humphrey. After some back-and-forth, Humphrey gave his No. 29 to Thomas and eventually changed to No. 44 in honor of his dad’s jersey number with the Miami Dolphins in his final season. But Humphrey and Thomas weren’t the only ones changing jerseys as five others received new numbers.

  • WR Seth Roberts — No. 11
  • RB Mark Ingram II — No. 21
  • CB Justin Bethel — No. 28
  • DB DeShon Elliott — No. 32
  • CB Anthony Averett — No. 34

Many wondered what Ingram and Jimmy Smith were going to do in regards to the number 22, but the veteran cornerback keeps his jersey number and Ingram picked one digit lower. To do this, DeShon Elliott had to switch. Elliott happily did so, taking former teammate Eric Weddle’s No. 32. Weddle supported the young safety repping the new jersey.

Another veteran defensive back was able to take a younger players jersey as Justin Bethel was able to keep his same jersey number as he wore with the Cardinals and Falcons. That meant taking No. 28 from Anthony Averett. The sophomore cornerback is now donning No. 34.

I can’t wait to read tweets during the first preseason game of fans asking why Vonta Leach and Alex Collins are playing defense.

It’s cool to see the younger players on this team bow out and give the vets their career numbers. Yes, this is common and most will gloss over this as nothing out of the ordinary but it’s still great to see from a character perspective.