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Ravens OG Marshal Yanda quiets retirement rumors; signs one-year contract extension

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No more speculation here

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After a bunch of made-up talk discussing the possible retirement of Ravens G Marshal Yanda, the six-time All-Pro has agreed to a one-year contract extension, keeping the dominant lineman with Charm City through the 2020 season.

The Ravens benefit greatly from this signing as Yanda continues to play at a top-tier level. It also keeps Lamar Jackson clean from interior pass rushers.

A huge positive of Yanda’s return includes the Ravens offensive line all coming back for 2019. The offensive line didn’t lose any solid pieces like they did with Kelechi Osemele years ago. The loss of Yanda would shake the entire line and both the running and passing game would take significant hits.

The biggest benefactor of Yanda being on the field is sophomore running back Gus Edwards. He had the highest rushing grade of any tailback when splitting between the right guard and right tackle, according to PFF. There’s no surprise that following Yanda and Orlando Brown Jr. was a good idea.

Pro Football Focus

From PFF’s William Moy’s article, “The NFL’s top running backs by point of attack

“Edwards led 37 qualified running backs in rushing grade off right guard in 2018, as he picked up one touchdown to go with seven first downs and a league-leading 234 yards on 28 attempts through that point of attack.”

It’s worth noting, the 90.8 grade between the tackles is the highest of any rusher in 2018. Edwards, Yanda and Zeus Jr. produced incredible results last season.

It’s great to hear Yanda isn’t hanging up the cleats anytime soon. For another two years, we’ll watch as the biggest and baddest in the business tossing around his opponents as he makes way for the rushing attack and protects Jackson at all costs.